{Book Review} Eric Landlard Home Bake

Home Bake is Eric Landlard’s collection of recipes that the master patissier uses to entertain in his home. These recipes are billed as practical and beautiful for the home baker.

The book concentrates on the basics. How to make an airy sponge, helpful tips and how to photos. The book has nine chapters spanning from sponge cakes and meringues to cheesecakes and festive recipes. For a beginner the how to photos are a great source but I would say that for a book billed for beginners it’s not as thorough as the Leon baking bible which has pages and pages dedicated to ingredients and techniques or an encyclopedia of recipes like Dan Lepard’s Short & Sweet.

Apple Crumble Cake

I made the Apple Crumb Cake to start with. Alex wanted a pie but I hate making pie dough so I thought this would be a good compromise. We weren’t really impressed. Alex thought the cake was too doughy. I only made it once so it is possible I made a mistake while mixing it up. Regardless, Alex ate every last slice of it.

Peant Butter Whopper Squares

I also made the Malteser Squares.  A real British classic and something new to me.  The  recipe is a classic in the same manner as Rice Krispie Squares. The same recipe can also be found on Nigella’s website. While delicious I thought it was maybe a little too simple for a cookbook. I jazzed mine up by adding peanut butter Whoppers.

If you are a true beginner I would recommend Peyton & Byrne British Baking or Leon Baking & Puddings. If you don’t own many baking books and are looking for a book with a large-ish span of varied recipes than this book fits the bill. I bookmarked a few other recipes and I liked the festive chapter best.

Thanks to Octopus for my copy

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