{Book Review} Cupcake Decorating Lab


I think it’s been awhile since I’ve reviewed a cupcake book here. However, I think this is the first decorating only book that I’ve done. I tend to shy away from decorating books since I detest cake decorating (and only because I’m terrible at it).  What tempted me with Cupcake Decorating Lab was the promise of decorating being easy and fun.

The book has 10 chapters that covers the basics, flowers, fondant, royal icing, weddings, presentation and more. The basics will get you started with piping bags, ganache, flooding and buttercream. Once you’re feeling confident you can work your way up to candied fruit, a stencil and themed party cupcakes. I bookmarked the donut cupcakes already for next time.

I tested out one of the techniques and was really pleased with the results. I made the sugared berries to use on my 4th of July Cupcakes. No special skill required, super easy and the result was simple and beautiful!

Blueberry Pie Cupcakes

The book is full of ideas and picture tutorials but don’t look here for a plethora of frosting or cake recipes. There is a small section at the back with only a handful of recipes. Also, a few of the ideas are nothing that we haven’t seen before, cake truffles and push pops.

Overall, this book is perfect for someone like me who enjoys the baking aspect more than decorating. I like the simple straightforward ideas that are minimal fuss but still look great. I will definitely flip through here in the future if I need something snazzy instead of just a swirl and some sprinkles!

I would also recommenced this book for beginners. There is plenty to get you started and is set out in a way that won’t have you feeling too overwhelmed.

I received a copy to review

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