{Book Review} Crussh


I got this smoothie book from Crussh awhile ago and waited patiently for summer fruits to come into season. Crussh is a smoothie and juice cafe with a few locations around London. With the hot weather recently some cold liquid refreshment certainly feels like a great idea instead of a hot bowl of oatmeal!

Roasted Peach Smoothie

Juicing seems to be very popular right now. I watched a program on TV about it last week and the person juiced for 90 days. We’re big smoothie and juice lovers in this house so it wasn’t hard for us to get on board with this book. We have a blender and not a juicer but I managed to find enough recipes that I liked.

 I stuck to smoothies and  made the roasted peach smoothie and the pecan caramello smoothie. Both were great accompaniments to Sunday brunch.  Nutritious and delicious along with my waffle sticks.

Pecan Caramello Smoothie

The book is very bright with a simple layout and lots of pictures of appetizing fruit. The first chapter is all about juicing, health and lifestyle. Chapters on juice, smoothies and boosters follow. Each chapter has it’s own introduction with a nutritional summary, what you’ll need and some other health information. Each recipe has a recap of what nutrients you’re getting from all the ingredients

The only downside is that besides the equipment needed all those fresh ingredients can be very expensive (they are very expensive in the UK I know). A few of the ingredients are a bit weird (wheatgrass and  longan fruit) and a few I’ve never heard of before (paw paw).  I’m always open to trying to new things!

I received a copy to review

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