{Book Review} Cookie Love


Cookie Love is the most beautiful baking book that I’ve seen this year. It’s filled with gorgeous looking cookies with innovative recipes. The book is written by Mindy Segal, proprietor of Hot Chocolate in Chicago.

The recipes, in my opinion, require at least an intermediate or higher skill level. Absolutely a book to buy and a skill level to aspire to. The cookies use ingredients I never thought to try or bake with and the recipes have piked my interest to move out of my comfort zone. Shortbread with halvah, Goat butter cookies, cookies with smoked sea salt and violet sugar.

Pretzel Shortbread Sandwich Cookies

The book is put together like the ultimate cookie plate with something for everyone. Chapters span drop cookies, shortbread, sandwich cookies, egg white cookies, rugelach and bars to name a few. There is also chapters to cover tools, skills and where to source ingredients (this is helpful since there are a few “exotic” ingredients).

I made chocolate pretzel sandwich cookies from the book and I can say they are worth the effort. The cookies weren’t perfect. I still need to work on my rolling skills but I’m motivated to keep trying and try more recipes from Cookie Love. Mindy also says it’s ok for me to change around her recipes 😉

I received a copy to review

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