{Book Review} Christmas Cake Pops


I love the idea of decorated cake pops. They’re fun, cute and tasty. Bakerella has come out with a new cake pop book with a holiday theme. I really really tried my best with Cake Pops Christmas (the UK title for the book). I thought I picked the easiest design in the book. I tried to make peppermint swirls and if you squint your eyes mine kinda look like that.

Peppermint Cake Pops

While some (OK all) of the cake designs are challenging for me they’re really beautiful and it’s incredible what you can do with candy melts and sprinkles. It’s unbelievable that Bakerella is able to manage to publish another book after undergoing a second kidney transplant.

I don’t own her first book. At the time it was published it was a lot harder to find the supplies in the UK. Now, they’re more widely available to order online (for a price). The book contains cake and frosting recipes (red velvet is Bakerella’s favorite) to make from scratch (also listed in grams) with steps and photos for making pops. Angie’s top tip for making cake pops is to make the cake the night before and let it cool overnight.

Some of the sprinkles you might not be able to find in the UK but there are plenty of other candies that they could be replaced with. There are about 25 designs (the Christmas Cats are my absolute favorite). The book is a nice small size and spiral bound. If you love making cake pops and don’t find it as challenging as I do you’ll love the book and the fun new ideas.

I received a copy of Cake Pops Christmas to review from the publisher

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