{Book Review} Breakfast for Dinner


My copy of Breakfast for Dinner arrived the day I was making my meal plans for the next two weeks. I thumbed through it and added a few recipes to my list. I tested out three recipes for dinner and one dessert. I was really looking forward to the release of this book as I make pancakes and eggs on a regular basis for dinner.

Moroccan Chicken Cinnamon Rolls

I’m a big fan of Lindsay’s first book, The Cookie Dough Lover’s Cookbook, and I had pretty high expectations for this book. She is pretty much my favorite blogger/author. I find her ideas original, creative and written for the everyday person. She’s managed to take a pretty standard idea and make a whole book of ideas without it being gimmicky.

Some of the recipes are a little more “out there” than the kind I usually make for a weeknight dinner but both the Grapefruit Risotto and Moroccan Chicken Cinnamon Rolls were tasty and a welcome break from my routine dishes. Alex even requested that they be made again soon. The Vietnamese Coffee Pops I made from the dessert chapter were a fun spin on a morning cup of coffee. I made the chocolate chip pancakes for dinner last night. I LOVE pancakes and these were perfect and fluffy with evenly distributed chocolate chips.

Grapefruit & Scallop Risotto

Quirk is also my favorite publisher. The books are good quality and the layout is always impressive. The book has three chapters, Main Dishes, Sides & Starters and Drinks & Desserts. All the recipes are in American cups but there is a metric conversion chart in the back for the Brits.

Coffee Pops

I received my copy from the publisher for review

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