{Book Review} Big Sky Pie: Delicious

pie cover


Calling all the pie loving book worms out there! I just finished this fabulous and super cute romance novel set in a pie shop in rural Montana. Love dessert themed novels? I read just about everyone of them out there. See for yourself. This isn’t even the first pie novel.

Jane is the new chef at Big Sky Pie and Nick owns his own marketing company. Jane’s mom and Nick’s dad used to be married a long time ago and Jane and Nick get together to stop them from getting remarried. A thing or two a long the way may happen…

The story is a little bit predictable but I love that it’s set in a pie shop and the descriptive picturesque setting. I found all of the characters very likable and it’s not surprising that there is a whole series developed around the pie shop and the residents of the small town.

Delicious is Book number two in the series of three. I haven’t read the first book and this story isn’t dependent on what happens in that novel.

I dare you to read this and not want a piece of pie after!

I received a copy to review. Contains affiliate links.

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