{Book Review} Bakeless Sweets


Step away from the oven. Seriously, turn the oven off, it’s time to whip up dessert! Faith Durand, editor of The Kitchn, has brought us Bakeless Sweets, an entire book of easy no bake desserts. The concept of a bake less dessert is not new. We’ve been eating instant Jell-O for more than 100 years. Faith has taken this idea to the next level with different and clever recipes, such as Nutella Jelly and Goat Cheese Panna Cotta.

The majority of the recipes are very simple. Even a beginner in the kitchen could start their way with making jellies and work their way up to a more intermediate terrine or icebox pie. There is plenty of information in the introduction as well at the beginning of each chapter in the book. A novice in the kitchen couldn’t mess these desserts up.

The summaries of dairy free desserts, easiest desserts and chocolate desserts will keep you from flipping back and forth through the book and help you decide on what to serve at your dinner party. I made two recipes from the book and it almost feels like cheating they were so easy. Each came together in around 10 minutes. I made the Peach Blender Mousse during a TV commercial break. Naturally sweet and fruity; the perfect light ending to a meal. The Lemonade Jelly is zingy and had me thinking of warmer summer days in the midst of a cold New England winter.

Peach Blender Mousse

Vibrant pictures help bring a cookbook to life. Leafing through the pages and imagining myself making each recipe is a huge part of my own kitchen inspiration. Unfortunately, there weren’t enough for me in Bakeless Sweets. The few images in my e-version were beautiful, but disappointingly small However, the e-book makes up for a lack of visuals with an easy to navigate menu that includes plenty of hyperlinks so the reader is not forever virtually flipping through pages.

Lemonaid Jelly

Being confident in the kitchen does not mean always producing brilliant soufflés every Saturday night. The simple no bake desserts can be just as elegant and the prep time saved can be spent with the company of others. The book includes items I’ve overlooked or never tried before as a food blogger – rice base puddings, fluffs, yogurt based jellies and no bake trifles.

Bakeless Sweets is just plain fun. Who doesn’t love wiggly jelly in pretty vibrant colors or a comforting pudding cup? It has all the nostalgia of being a child with creations that will please our more refined adult pallets.

This post contains affiliate links. I bough my own copy for review.

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