{Book Review} Baked Alaska


Baked Alaska is the latest foodie themed novel that I have devoured (haha couldn’t resist that pun). Baked Alaska is part of a mystery series. This is the first book that I’ve read in this series and it’s not necessary to have read the other books to enjoy it.

The book follows Sadie and her two adoptive children on a family cruise to Alaska. While on the cruise Sadie’s son Sean is accused of attempted murder. Sadie hunts down the real killer to clear her son’s name. To complicate things further Sean’s birth mother shows up.

I didn’t think that I would enjoy a book with a middle aged mother as the main character, I first thought that Sadie was annoying but then by the middle of the book she grew on me. I felt the family relationships and dynamics to be realistic. Sadie’s daughter lives in London. The struggles of a transatlantic family is definitely something I can relate to! The added element of adoption also gives the book an interesting direction.

Toffee Caramel Baked Alaska

The mystery of “who done it” kept me intrigued until the end and the book is peppered with practical and easy recipes throughout ( Jell-O popcorn, bread pudding, salmon chowder). I couldn’t resist making a Baked Alaska after I finished! I would definitely read the other books in this series.

I received a copy to review.

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