{Book Review} A World of Food

(c) Carl Warner

A World of Food is a brilliant and colorful book from acclaimed photographer Carl Warner. The book contains 12 whimsical miniature landscapes made entirely out of food. Arranged by color and each landscape is accompanied by a short verse.

Carl began his career as a landscape photographer and branched out to photographing people and photos for advertising. His first book, Food Landscapes, is aimed at adults and this offering is for children (and those of us that are kids at heart). Carl is currently working on a children’s animated television show designed to promote healthy eating.

(c) Carl Warner

What I want to know is how the heck does Carl do it? I would probably eat all the food before the shoot could be done!

It begins with the idea, either from a client or from something I have seen as a landscape, a film, a magazine, wandering around food markets and spotting ingredients – ideas can come from anywhere! I imagine the scene in my head and then I draw the scene as a sketch. From here I decide what ingredients will be used to make the scene and I work with my food stylist and my model maker to build the scene on a large table top in my studio. This can take several days depending on the complexity of the scene and it is sometimes shot in layers in order to work quickly with the fresh produce.

This is a wonderful interactive book for children and encourages discussion of food and healthy eating. I had a great time studying each landscape and trying to guess which foods were used. The pink candy landscape that’s featured on the cover is my favorite and basically what my dreams are made of!I love the meringue clouds and nougat used in the house to simulate the effect of stone.

(c) Carl Warner

I love the amount of detail in each of the landscapes. Thinking about how much time it must have taken to create each one boggles my mind! A great coffee table book. It also comes in paperback at a reasonable price of £4.95 on Amazon.

Thanks to Abrams for my copy. All images copyright Carl Warner.

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