{Book Review} Paris Letters


Paris Letters is not based around food or desserts like most of the books I review here…but it is about Paris! Who doesn’t love Paris? Home of the Eiffel Tower and the birthplace of the eclair. The author definitely eats and drinks her way through Paris so it totally deserves to be reviewed on American Cupcake Life.

How much money does it take to quit your job? Exhausted from her job as a copy writer Janice MacLeod decides to cut back, save up and travel through Europe. Not long after arriving in Paris she meets Christophe (a butcher who just happens to look like Daniel Craig) and embarks on a whirlwind romance. Janice turns to her love of art in order to keep funding her Paris dream.

Without ruining the story of Paris Letters too much Janice’s artwork and her Letters from Paris concept is very central to the story (and to the giveaway below). Click on the link and you’ll have a better idea.

One piece of advice Janice was given while on her travels, “the only way to happiness is to find people with whom you can eat, drink and laugh…And a spoonful of Nutella each day makes life more beautiful”.

Paris Letters_Photo Contest

The story is super adorable and even more sweet because it’s based on her real life. I found myself engaged through the whole book, dying to know how it ends and if she ends up staying in Paris. The book is peppered with her drawings and beautiful painted letters. Oh, and there’s plenty of humor. Janice consults with Mr. Miyagi for help throughout the book.

Want your own painted letter? You can win your very own letter from Janice! Follow the instructions above for your chance to win.

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