Big Sky Pie Book Review

big sky pie

I’ve got two books today that bring us back to Montana and the Big Sky Pie Shop. I already reviewed the second novel in the series earlier in the year. Today, I have books one and four in the series. I missed out on number three it seems!

The first novel, Delectable, details the opening of the Big Sky Pie and the McCoy family dramas. Quint runs away to Alaska to grieve for his father and while he’s away his mother turns his office into an expanded pie shop. Thrown into the mix is a family medical drama which forces Quint to break out his pie baking skills. Will his talents woo back his estranged wife?

I enjoyed the relationship drama of the first novel but found the too macho to bake a pie thing a little stereotyped. It also nicely introduces the characters in the second novel.

Decadent, the fourth novel in the series, follows one of Quint’s widowed friends, Wade, and his teenage daughter. It’s not as revolved around the pie shop as the other novels but plenty of pie is consumed. An acquaintance comes to town and he finds that he can’t resist her.

I read both books fairly quickly. I read Decadent in a few hours during a rainy afternoon. They are fun, fast indulgent romance novels.  There are also recipes for pie in the back of the novels!

I received copies to review. This post contains affiliate links. 

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