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There is a whole 5 days dedicated to bacon right here this week! I’m kicking things off with reviews for two bacon cookbooks. It’s a specialty cooking topic but it’s absolutely a versatile ingredient and with a little imagination it’s easy to see how two cookbooks have 100 recipes each dedicated only to bacon. Both have taken a novel idea and turned it into substance.

101 Things to do with Bacon was published in 2011 and I’m a bit embarrassed but I actually received this book almost a year ago, but the timing has worked out perfectly for it to be included in bacon week. The book is the same style as 101 Things to do with Popcorn. There’s minimal pictures, color and it has a very simple layout. There are 8 chapters that cover every meal and food category breakfast, appetizers, soups, salads, sandwiches, side dishes, dinners and dessert. There is also a short helpful hints at the front about bacon to get you started.

I made two recipes from this book (bacon cornbread and bacon chive butter) and they both turned out extremely tasty. This book shines in it’s simplicity and straightforward recipes.

Bacon Nation takes bacon to a new level. The recipes are more in depth and I thought also very creative. The book is more thorough with a whopping 12 chapters which includes a detailed introduction to kinds of bacon, cooking bacon and of course bacon drippings. The rest of the chapters cover seafood, meats, vegetables, pasta, sweets and more.

I really enjoyed the colors and photos in this book. You can never have enough photos of delicious looking bacon in my opinion! I made Bacon Jam and Bacon S’mores from this book and I’ve booked marked plenty others. For such a concentrated subject the book has plenty of useful information that will make me reach for it more than once.

I received both cookbooks to review

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