June Cupcake Book Club Creations

Thanks to everyone who read and made a creation after reading The Bakery Girls! I really enjoyed the historical trip through American Baking. Come back tomorrow to see what July’s book will be.

Fiona loved this month’s book and had a hard time deciding which retro American bake to chose from so she made two treats! She made a cherry pie with streusel topping and molasses cookies.

Sophia made a Simple French Boule Bread. She thought it was a cute book that offers a glimpse of the era of small town America. Her favorite was Floyd, she loved his complete reverence for the simple staple of bread from the bakery’s beginnings through the Great Depression.

I had an extremely hard time deciding what to make. In the end I went with a Pennsylvania Sticky Bun filled with chocolate. It tasted incredible and was fluffy as a cloud.

Chocolate Chip Sticky Buns


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