Cupcake Bookclub #9 Creations

hot cakes

Thanks to everyone for reading Hot Cakes! The book got mixed reviews but definitely got us all talking and thinking. I’m looking forward to the next book club installment. For the summer edition I’ll stretch the due date to an extra few weeks to help accommodate summer vacations.

Fiona wasn’t sure about the book or the characters but she liked the sound of the cupcakes so much that she made two recipes. The Marmalade Cupcakes and the Toffee Bakewell Cupcakes.


I made a riff on The Marmalade Cupcakes and turned them into a Chocolate Almond Orange Cupcake instead. Unlike the others I really liked the book.

Chocolate Almond Orange Cupcakes

Lisa from United Cakedom also made Toffee Bakewell cupcakes. Lisa had mixed feelings about the book and didn’t really warm to the characters.


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