Cupcake Book Club #8


Since last month’s book club choice was a total downer I’ve chosen something that’s going to be 100% fun! Cupcakes at Carrington’s by Alexandra Brown. The book is the first in a new series. Georgie works the accessories department at Carrington’s department store in Mulberry-on-Sea in the South of England. She finds herself fighting for her job after the owner brings in “consultants” to the help turn the business around  Find the books on Amazon UK and Amazon US. There will also be extra time for reading and baking this round.

I received my copy for free from the publisher. I wouldn’t normally pick I title I was asked to review for the book club but this book was something I would buy and chose regardless (at this stage I have no opinion as I haven’t read it yet). If anyone feels strongly against it feel free to let me know.

Refresher to those that want to join in this month. The concept is simple. Each month I’ll chose a novel with a cupcake (or baking/food theme) and post my review here. In addition, I’m going to bake something delicious inspired by the book.

I would also like to invite everyone to read, discuss and bake along with me. I also want to share! I’ll post a round up of any entries I receive. There are only a few loose guidelines stated below.

1. Make a good faith effort to start reading the chosen novel
2. Bake (or create) anything inspired by the chosen novel
3. Link to this post. Feel free to use the book club logo.
3. Email me your name, link to your blog post (if you have a blog) and photo (1MB or less in size) of your creation, where you’re from, and 1-2 sentences of what you thought of the book or what in the book inspired your creation by the stated deadline.
4. No spoilers please

Start reading now and join the discussion (#cupcakebookclub,  facebook or comments on this post)! Send your inspired treat to me by March 18th and I’ll write a blog post featuring all submissions.

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