Cupcake Book Club #5 Creations

Thanks to everyone who read How to Bake a Perfect Life this month.  Stayed tuned for the next book later this week. It’s a bumper book club for Christmas! I was so pleased to see that this month I had a non English speaker read and bake something.

Liria from Spain made Ramona’s Easy White Bread recipe and it turned out perfect.  Sophia missed her mother’s bread when she was in the hospital with her husband. Liria thought that it’s easy to forget the simple things like one of your mother’s recipes. Liria said she tries to bake once a week and likes to enjoy her creations with a cup of tea. If I lived in Spain I’m sure we would be best friends Liria Smile

Fiona made two recipes this month. The first was a Banana, Oat and Raisin Sourdough bread. She used her three month old sourdough starter. It wasn’t her favorite sourdough so she tried again.

Her second effort was a Beer Sourdough that had a much better texture. She used the loaf on a pulled pork sandwich.

Sophia made Stray Dog Biscuits. She loved Ramona’s sympathy towards strays both humans and animals alike. Sophia
made dog biscuits with duck for her little stray dog. You can see him in the picture enjoying it.

Raspberry Honey Bread

I made Ramona’s Raspberry Sunshine Bread. I like this recipe. In the book Ramona made it while in the blissful days of new love.

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