Cupcake Book Club #13 Creations


The last read for Cupcake Book Club was Christmas at Carrington’s. I heard mostly good feedback about the book and I loved it. It put me in the Christmas spirit. We all lead very busy lives and if you don’t have time to bake anything, no problem! Tweet or drop me an email if you read the book to share what you thought, good or bad.

Streusel Mince Pies

I made Streusel Mince Pies including my own homemade mince meat and candied lemon peel. All the years I lived in the UK I didn’t eat one. I’m warming up to the idea of fruit in desserts. You can read my book review of Christmas at Carrington’s here.



Lisa made Mince Pie Biscuits and thought it was a great follow up to the first book! She thought the twist at the end was good and enjoyed reading more about Georgie and her friends! Even if the communication fiasco was a little unbelievable considering the world we currently live!

Thanks for reading and the next book selection will be announced next week.

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