Cupcake Book Club #11 Creations


I have to apologize for letting the ball drop a little on this round of the book club. Now that we’re moved in with nearly all of our possessions we’re finally fully back to normal. I let time get away with me and managed to be a full month late with my creation. I never seem to have enough time to do all of things I want. I guess I’ve picked up a few too many hobby’s! Between working full time, baking, crafting and couponing, I’m always on the go and up to something.


My favorite aspect of this month’s book club was that there was also a movie to go along with the read and one starring Meryl Streep at that. Since the book club doesn’t really have any rules it’s fine to only watch the movie. Nick, who was on time with her submission, made some beautiful Tomato and Basil Bruschettas. Nick’s fiancee had never seen Julie & Julia and since he’s marrying a food blogger she made him watch! They had a good giggle watching the parallel of their lives with the characters on the big screen.

Julia Child Chocolate Almond Cake'

I made Julia’s classic Chocolate Almond Cake. I read Julia’s memoir but was drawn to this cake that features in a scene in the movie! I could watch the movie over and over again.

Thanks for reading and next book will be announced tomorrow!

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