Cupcake Book Club #10 Creations


I can’t believe how fast summer’s gone by already! The two months for reading Leftovers has come to close and I think everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. I’m relieved since a few of the last books didn’t go over very well. I haven’t decided on a new book yet but I’m going to try and find one more fun summer read.

Leftover Chip Cookies

I made Leftover Chip Cookies. Georgie feels like a leftover in the book and I made these cookies to prove that there’s nothing wrong with¬† “leftovers”! I used up all the remnants of different chocolate chips. The cookies had a lot of different flavors going on but were delicious.

Best ever spaghetti bolognaise (1)

I’m so glad that Fiona made a savory recipe from the book. Fiona love the book too and made Georgie’s “Best Ever Bolognese“. The way it’s cooked is intriguing and the bolognese turned out to be the best ever.


Lisa enjoyed the fact the book was not a love story but a love story about a girl and her pasta! Lisa made Banana and Peanut Butter Chip Marshmallow Muffins using some leftover bananas she had at home.

Thanks for reading and keep a watch out for the next selection!

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