Cupcake Book Club


I have two hobbies that I love. Cupcakes, which is pretty obvious considering I have a blog dedicated to the subject. My second favorite activity after baking (and maybe eating) is reading! Queue light bulb moment! It just seemed obvious to bring the two together in some way. The Cupcake Book Club is born!

The concept is simple. Each month I’ll chose a novel with a cupcake (or baking theme) and post my review here. In addition, I’m going to bake something delicious inspired by the book.

I would also like to invite everyone to read, discuss and bake along with me. I also want to share! I’ll post a round up of any entries I receive (there are no prizes at the moment but I will do my utmost to look for some for the future!). There are only a few loose guidelines stated below.

1. Make a good faith effort to start reading the chosen novel
2. Bake (or create) something inspired by the chosen novel
3. Link to this post. Feel free to use the book club logo.
3. Email me your name, link to your blog post (if you have a blog) and photo (1MB or less in size) of your treat, where you’re from, and 1-2 sentences of what you thought of the book or what in the book inspired your creation by the stated deadline.
4. No spoilers please

I hope everyone is excited to get reading! Please also feel free to email me book suggestions Kelly AT Americancupcakeinlondon DOT com.

This month’s book:

Semi Sweet: A Novel of Love and Cupcakes (US and UK). Originally published under the title Love in the Making (same book but will be cheaper for those in the UK!).  Start reading now and join the discussion (#cupcakebookclub, facebook or comments on this post)! Send your inspired treat to me by May 9th and I’ll write a blog post featuring all submissions.

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  1. Fab idea Kelly….look forward to reading and baking along!

  2. What a fab idea, I am off to hunt the book out now!

  3. I’m in! I love love love this idea!

  4. LOVE this idea, can’t wait!

  5. Rebecca Cornock

    I cannot wait to get started! Love love LOVE this x

  6. What a fab idea. I love cupcakes and reading too! Sadly I don’t have much time to read at the moment due to other commitments but would be happy to join in sometime. I’ve read a few cupcake themed books recently so hopefully you’ll pick one of them soon and I can join in the discussion!

    • You’d be surprised what 10-15 spare minutes brings each day! I used to say the same thing but 20 minutes commuting each way to work I read my kindle, 10 minutes waiting in line at the post office, ten minutes before bed, 30 minutes of reading while I watch come dine with me.

      • Thanks Kelly!Will try my best. Sadly I now drive to work so I’ve lost my commuting reading which is a shame as I used to read a book a week. Perhaps less baking and blogging and more reading! :)

  7. Just downloaded to my Kindle. Have been dying for something new to read.

  8. Great idea, will have to hurry up and finish ‘Rosie Hopkins Sweet Shop of Dreams’ then download to my kindle.
    This has got me very excited.

    Beki xx

  9. Susie @ Fold in the Flour

    Fab idea! Would love to join in with this – I’ve already read this book and know just what my cupcake will be! :)

  10. Have you read Jenny Colgan’s “Meet me at the cupcake cafe”? It’s a lovely book and each chapter is accompanied by a recipe!
    Also it’s not a novel but I’ve just been given “Saved by cake” by Marian Keyes that I can’t wait to start. She’s the original (and funniest) chick lit novellist who suffered from depression and found her way out of it by baking, so has now published a cookery book!


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