{Book Review} The Union Street Bakery



The Union Street Bakery is definitely an interesting read. A contemporary fiction novel about a woman who loses her job, moves back in with her parents and helps manage their bakery. I try to avoid books that deal with job loss from the financial crisis.

Bacon & Tomato Bread


I worked at Lehman Brothers at the time of it’s collapse and the memories to this day still aren’t pleasant. I remember Alex watching The Last Days of Lehman Brothers on the BBC and I left the room not wanting to watch it. Living through it was enough for me thank you very much!

The main character Daisy loses her high powdered job as an investment analysis and finds that she can’t afford her fancy apartment in DC anymore so she temporarily moves back to Alexandria to help out her parents struggling bakery. Not only just having to worry about being jobless, Daisy has the added pressure of her birth mother reaching out to contact her. There are also a few ghosts and history treasure hunt thrown in too.

I loved the plot of this book. There were several different interesting elements to keep the story interesting. It sounds strange when I say there are ghosts but it fits and works well.  The characters were all well developed and it made a refreshing change from the usual romance novels I read.

In honor of the family bakery I made a Tomato & Bacon loaf. I cheated and used a bread machine but I think Daisy would understand!

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