{Book Review} Making Piece: A memoir of love, loss and pie


Making Piece is the first autobiography selection for Cupcake Book Club. Most of the selections up to date have been fiction or chick lit. When I came across Beth’s book I knew it was the right selection. It’s the most emotional book so far.

It’s an honest account of her life after her husband suddenly passes away. She feels incredibly guilty and begins her grief healing process by packing up her husband’s RV and going across the country baking pie. The power of pie is incredibly healing!

Just a warning this book is a tear jerker. Beth’s account is very emotional, honest and often raw. She doesn’t hold back with her language or feelings (this book is for mature adults). She goes into account of what it’s like to let go of her husband’s possessions, loses it when someone spills coffee on his duvet and how she felt kissing someone else.

Beth is passionate about pie. She baked pies in Malibu for superstars, visited famous pie shops across the country, was a judge in pie contests and set up a pie stand at the American Gothic House in Iowa. She has a pie recipe book coming out in April, Ms. American Pie. There are plenty of pie recipes in the book as well.

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