{Book Review} Leftovers


Leftovers by Stella Newman is the latest selection for Cupcake Book Club. I’m so glad that I chose this book and it was a bargain for 99p on Amazon. The book is all about Susie and her job at a PR firm. She feels like a Leftover. Single, over thirty and unable to get over her ex-boyfriend Jake. She’s consumed with counting down the days until she gets the promotion she deserves and the big bonus that comes with it. Finally she can finally quit the job she detests and do something with her life that she really wants, work with food!

Anyone that’s ever had an office job can relate to this novel, some of the characters in it and the nuances of office life. The suits with their endless power points full of office jargon and big buzz words (I like my job but it still makes me laugh. I do love a good power point presentation). The joy of finding the best colored post it’s at the back of the stationary cupboard, finding where they hide the good tea bags in the tea room and the woes of cut backs and when they stop ordering the good pens.

If I were still single then I think I would find myself and Susie have a lot in common. Sometimes she seems to be on auto pilot at work and then finally switches “on” when it’s time to grab a burrito for lunch, make dinner or whip up a good dessert. Unlike me however, Susie’s real passion is Italian cooking and specifically pasta.

I started Leftovers on the plane from London to Boston and easily spent a few hours of the flight occupied with it. I enjoyed the characters and the story. It’s funny and it cleverly portrays office life and living in London.

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