{Book Review} The Joy Luck Club



Sometimes when I’m reading a book for review I end up concentrating too hard and not sitting back and enjoying the actual book enough. For this month’s book club I didn’t “think” too much while reading and didn’t bookmark any special passages. Same as My Life in France I’m not going to critique an already best selling book.

Green Tea and Lemon Loaf

The book is about four families that emigrated from China to San Francisco in the 1940’s. The story mainly follows the mother and the daughters lives and their relationships from children into adulthood. It also chronicles the struggles of being immigrants and also first generation American Chinese.

This is definitely the hardest blurb for book club that I’ve had to write. Since it’s a more serious book I’m trying for it to not sound like a book report! Don’t worry there won’t be a quiz later.

As someone who isn’t from a newly immigrant family or from a radically different culture I don’t identify directly with any of the characters but enjoyed the mother daughter relationship story lines. It was interesting to see how the daughters identity struggles changed as they grew into adults and as the story follows eight characters how it goes back and forth in time. How different the mother and daughters lives are growing up in Chin compared to America is pretty fascinating.

Interested? Pick up a copy and curl up with the book and slice of green tea cake.


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