{Book Review} Hot Cakes

hot cakes

Hot Cakes is the first independent e-book for Cupcake Book Club. This is Kim’s first e-book and second novel. Her bio at the end of the book says she was a finalist on a Britain’s Best Dish. The storyline follows Bex who has to keep her family afloat after her husband loses his job in the city.

The reviews from other readers were mixed but I actually really liked this book. I thought for an e-book it was very good, well written and I found it very humerus. What I liked most about it was that it doesn’t take itself seriously, at all. The storyline is almost right off a Jeremy Kale Kyle episode and all the characters are positively annoying.

Chocolate Almond Orange Cupcakes

There is no heroine in the story, Bex and her family are all normal people, living positively average or even below average lives and the story follows them in their struggles to make ends meet. The characters are not particularly likeable but I think it’s an extreme of what some people will do to fit in with what they think is “normal”.

The name switches for everyday items and people made me laugh and I thought it was pretty clever. Daniel Crane, Tesda, Bertella Lawson, Lerman Brothers to name a few. My only complaint in the book was there were some though that didn’t get switched and it didn’t make sense to me why only some names were changed. It would have been better to be all or nothing.

The book is very British so some of the names and changes might not mean anything to the Americans. Bex is a member of the Woman’s Association which is basically the English version of the Junior League and Tesda is supposed to be Asda, the budget supermarket chain in the UK.

There are plenty of recipes in the book to go along with the story, maple and pecan cupcakes, marmalade cupcakes, double chocolate cupcakes and more. I made a riff on Bex’s marmalade cupcakes.

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