{Book Review} When in Doubt Add Butter


 When in Doubt, Add Butter is this month’s selection for book club. An enjoyable, lighthearted and fun read. It would be a perfect summer beach read. I’m not going to the beach anytime soon but a nice warm sunny day in the backyard would work too!

The story revolves around Gemma, a private chef, living in DC with her own business. She prepares meals or caters for clients in their homes. She has six reliable clients that range from strange to downright crazy.

My favorite part of this book was getting absorbed into the crazy lives of her clients. It must be a tough business catering to the demands of rich people that don’t eat onions, meat, dairy, soy, flour or sugar. I found the basic story very funny and entertaining but it took no time at all to figure out the main plot “twist”. I’d only read a few chapters before I figured it out. I like the story to keep my guessing until the end.

Despite this I found all of the characters very likable and funny. All of them were vastly different which kept the story interesting. Despite the obvious outcome in the story I would read another of Beth’s novels.

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