{Book Review} Cupcakes at Carrington’s


I was pretty pleased with my selection for this month’s book club after the disaster that happened last month! Cupcakes at Carrington’s is Alexandra Brown’s first novel and book #1 in the Carrington’s trilogy.

Georgie loves her job in the accessorizes department at Carrington’s department store but it’s handbags at dawn when the store brings in an evil stick thin American consultant, Maxine, to help revitalize sales. There are of course two sexy males to mix things up. Her boss, James, and a new mystery man, Tom.

When Georgie’s not working she’s on the 5th floor having a red velvet cupcake and having a gossip with her friends Eddie and Sam. The cafe is decked out with old train seats, booths and velvet.

Red Velvet Peanut Butter Cupcakes

I don’t want to say too much else so I don’t spoil the best bits. Cupcakes at Carrington’s was a fun and entertaining read. It was easy to lose myself into Georgie’s world and found the characters interesting and mostly believable. Especially Tina, there’s always one cow at work that makes it her mission to make your life miserable! I found the Russian that pops up into the story bordering on ridclious (but I think that might have been the point).

I asked Alex what her favorite cupcake was and not surprising it’s the same as Georgie, red velvet with buttercream frosting! I’ve read so many cupcake novels in the last 12 months, it’s what inspired the book club after all, I was curious what made Alex chose cake as a focal point for her book. I love her answer! Alex says, “I chose cake (there are various different cake references) to be an integral part of the story as everyone loves cake and can relate to the feeling it evokes. I also wanted the book to have a warm, sweet feel, and be centred around the cafe which is called Cupcakes At Carrington’s, within Carrington’s dept store.”

Anyone reading the book in America might be confused about some of the British references to TOWIE, NVQ’s and Cheryl Cole etc (Google it if you don’t know what any of those things are).

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