{Book Review} Christmas at Carrington’s



Christmas at Carrington’s is the latest book for Cupcake Book Club. I loved the first book so I could not wait for the second book. The first book Cupcakes at Carrington’s was the book club selection earlier in the year. What’s been going on in Mulberry on Sea lately?

Streusel Mince Pies

The story picks up where the first one left off. Georgie is still working in the accessories department at Carrington’s department store and seeing the gorgeous new store owner Tom. Her best friends Eddie and Sam both play major supporting roles.

Tom surprises everyone by trying to breathe new life into the store and signing Carrington’s up for a hot reality show with celebrity host Kelly Cooper. Things go from bad to worse when Georgie is humiliated on TV and the hosts daughter tries to steal Tom away.

In this second installment we get to know the characters better and Georgie develops further emotionally. There’s also a brand new story line. The first novel isn’t being rehashed or retold. There are plenty of recipes included for some of the treats that Georgie enjoys in the novel, such as Baileys Biscotti Milkshakes. I made Mince Pies since Georgie buys them by the boatload.

Merry Berry (from the Great British Bake Off) even makes an appearance!

I received a copy to reivew

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