Spiced Champagne Cocktail

Spiced Champagne Christmas Cocktail

Countdown to Christmas! Only 4 more days. I love working the days around Christmas. It’s super quiet and the people that are in the office are always in a good mood and really relaxed. Nothing says celebration more than a few fruity cocktails with friends and co workers.


A few Christmases ago I tried to make mulled wine using those spice packets they sell at the Supermarket. It didn’t end up tasting very spicy and the spice packets are still sitting somewhere in my cupboard.

Spiced Champagne Christmas Cocktail

I was invited to Jamie Oliver’s new cookery school in Notting Hill.Recipease has already prepared food to buy, a large selection of cooking classes and small cafe.

The products at Recipease are from small scale specially producers and selected by Jamie’s team and ingredients he would use at home. I was invited to a short cooking class to showcase his JME range. When I got home I took the bottle of Drink & Be Merry mulled wine syrup and instead of making mulled wine I made a bubbly cranberry inspired cocktail! Perfect champagne cocktail for a toast on Christmas Eve.

Spiced Champagne Christmas Cocktail

1 glass

Spiced Champagne Christmas Cocktail


3-4 tbs mulled wine syrup (or to taste)

2 tbs cranberry juice

Champagne or Prosecco


  1. In a champagne flute pour in the mulled wine syrup and cranberry juice. Top up the rest of the glass with champagne. Drop in one or two fresh cranberries.

I was invited to a cooking class at Recipease and received the mulled wine syrup to sample

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