Honey Simple Syrup

Honey Coffee Syrup

I finally dusted off my coffee machine (and gave it a thorough cleaning) after the move. I wasn’t drinking too many coffee pods during my early pregnancy. The Dunkin Donuts decaf from any of the numerous outlets in Connecticut was satisfying my coffee craving. There is a chance my baby will come out a cookie dough log from all the decaf cookie dough lattes I consumed :-p

There aren’t any DD around where I live in Nashville or near the office (the one in the bus station nearby doesn’t count because it’s scary in there). There are however several seriously trendy and delicious independent coffee shops around! I have had a blast sampling them all and the different seasonal latte flavors.With a baby on the way though I can’t spend $5 every day on coffee. I’m trying to cut back to once a week.

My favorite place is Frothy Monkey (which I’ve heard is where Taylor Swift used to get coffee before she moved to NYC). They have the most creative and interesting flavors. To date I’ve tried sweet potato, orange creme and my absolute favorite rosemary honey. It sounds a little strange but rosemary and honey go together really well.

I couldn’t wait to make my own syrup at home but I didn’t have any rosemary. I made just a honey syrup instead. It’s not even really a recipe. It’s equal parts honey and water (don’t let the mixture boil). You could throw a few sprigs of rosemary in the with the honey and sieve it a few hours later. Add the syrup to any homemade coffee.

Honey Simple Syrup


1 cup honey

1 cup water


  1. In a medium saucepan combine the water and honey. Stir over medium heat until well combined. Remove just before it begins to boil.
  2. Set aside to cool and pour into a mason jar. Keep in the refrigerator.

adapted from Martha Stewart

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