DIY Starbucks Vanilla Spice Latte

DIY Starbucks Vanilla Spice Latte

I love the seasonal drinks at Starbucks but they can be very expensive if you indulge too much. The new seasonal drink in the UK is a Vanilla Spice Latte. At £3.30 for one grande drink I thought I could recreate the syrup at home. I’ve already made an eggnog latte, chocolate chip latte and a cupcake latte.

DIY Starbucks Vanilla Spice Latte

Starbucks describes it as “Starbucks signature espresso combined with freshly steamed milk, rich vanilla, and subtle hints of cardamom and spice. Topped with whipped cream, crushed vanilla bean and a touch of sugar”. I was a bit baffled about what the “other spices” could be.

A quick peek at the counter where the syrups are stored told me that it was a Vanilla Cardamom syrup. I couldn’t taste any other spices and this confirmed there probably weren’t any. I stopped short of asking to see the bottle though!

DIY Starbucks Vanilla Spice Latte

DIY Starbucks Vanilla Spice Latte


Vanilla Cardamom Syrup

1 cup water

1 cup sugar

1/4 tsp ground cardamom plus a few smashed pods

1/2 tablespoon vanilla

For the Latte

3-4 teaspoons Vanilla Cardamom syrup (or to taste)

1-2 shots espresso

1 cup hot frothed milk

Whipped cream, for topping

Vanilla Sugar, for topping


  1. Make the syrup. In a saucepan bring the water, sugar and cardamom to a boil. I ground the cardamom as best as I could. In the end I also tossed a few sightly crushed pods in to infuse. Let boil for two minutes. Remove from the heat and stir in the vanilla. Strain the mixture and pour into a sterilized jar. Keep refrigerated for up to one month.
  2. Make the latte by pouring the espresso and syrup into a mug. Top with the hot frothed milk and foam. Add a swirl of whipped cream if desired and a sprinkle of vanilla sanding sugar. I didn't have sanding sugar so I used some vanilla powdered sugar.

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  1. I love all of Starbucks special drinks too 😉 This is fantastic!!! Delicious and its so nice to have a warm cup of spice latte ~

  2. hampers

    Oh, this looks so good. I agree Kelly, they can be very expensive…so I will try this one. I like your eggnog one as well!!

  3. how about a recipe for a white chocolate mocha?

  4. What sugar do you use and do you use vanilla essence, extract or pure vanilla?

    • For the syrup just plain old granulated sugar. For the sugar sprinkling on top you can buy vanilla sugar or make your own by sticking a vanilla pod into a jar of course sugar. You could throw a few smahsed cardamom pods in their too if you wanted to get fancy!

      For all my recipes I use pure madagascar vanilla extract unless otherwise stated (or homemade vanilla extract). The fake stuff tastes awful!

  5. Thanks so much for posting this- I was looking for a way to recreate this one at home!

  6. Charley

    Thank you so much for this recipe! I’m so happy sitting on my sofa with my very own vanilla spice latte! Faux red velvet cupcakes are my next challenge! :)

  7. Just discovered your blog and I am loving it. This latte sounds great…will give it a try!

  8. OMG I live of Vanilla spiced latte this recipe is a wish come true cant wait to try it and save a lot of money. Thank you

  9. Thanks for the recipe! Can’t wait to try it at home!


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