Almond Lavender Black Tea

Almond Lavender Black Tea

I’m a big tea lover and I always spend a fortune when I’m in the US at Teavana. It’s actually pretty easy to make your own tea blend and a lot of the basic ingredients can be found online or in the grocery store.

Almond Lavender Black Tea

Black tea is my favorite kind of tea. Make sure you buy black tea leaves (not dust). I used a box of Twinning’s lose tea. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive.

I really love lavender. It makes an especially fragrant cup of tea. I first sampled it in New York at Radiance Tea. I bought a box of lavender buds there but you can also find it in the spice section.
Almond Lavender Black Tea

If you like lavender you can make these Lavender Shortbread cookies to go with the tea! Make sure to store the tea in a sealed container. It will stay fresh for a year if stored well.

Almond Lavender Black TeaMy tea container from The Tea House in Covent Garden

Almond Lavender Black Tea

Yield: 100 cups of tea


100g black tea leaves

2 tbs ground toasted almonds (or sliced almonds if you prefer, toast for 5 minutes at 180 C)

2 tsp almond extract

2 tbs dried lavender buds


  1. In a large bowl mix all of the ingredients together. Pour into a jar or tea container and shake well. Store in a cool dark place for 1 day minimum.
  2. To make a cup of tea scoop 1 teaspoon of the tea blend into a tea strainer. Fill cup with boiling water and infuse for 2-3 minutes (depending how strong you like your tea). Remove strainer and add milk or sugar to taste.

adapted from Tea For You 

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